The Sassy Cap is an elongated pink satin sleep cap that was created to help you maintain your style! The cap was designed in 2012, prototyped in 2013 and premiered to the public in 2014 at an international hair show. The cap was designed by two women in Atlanta, Georgia who felt it was necessary to have a way to maintain your style throughout the day, night and even while in the shower! They both ran into the problem of not being able to find a quality satin bonnet that could hold their hair, conveniently allow for a shower cap to be applied while not messing up their style. To solve this concern, both owners contributed to the formation of the Sassy Cap, which has been well received since its premiere!

The Sassy Cap is the perfect cap for any person who wants longevity from their style and ease on their daily hair upkeep. Natural hair and hair extension enthusiasts appreciate the ease the Sassy Cap provides to their hair maintenance routine!