Are you the first one to pull out your Sassy Cap before you go to bed? You know everything about the need to take care of your hair, braids or locs while away from the salon. You are the master of or the 'go to' about haircare and only want the best for your clients, family or friends. No matter when or where you are, you cannot do anything but rave about how the Sassy Cap is a "hair-saver" to anyone's hair maintenance routine!

The Sassy Cap is one of the fastest moving haircare products online. As a Sassy Cap Brand Ambassador, you’ll get hands-on experience growing the brand in and around your network, community and everything in between.

What does it take to be a Sassy Cap Brand Ambassador (SCBA)?

There’s no single characteristic that makes up a SCBA. We’re looking for insightful, motivated, creative and hair enthusiasts who know the value of hair maintenance - in and out - of the salon. All SCBA's must have a confirmed PayPal account, as this opportunity is compensated.


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